Dental Crowns

Every tooth is important. The clients generally realize the importance when any one or two teeth are missing. In such cases, the client would find it very difficult to eat and also to speak. Also, when one or two teeth are missing, the remaining teeth get affected. Dentists examine the client’s teeth and suggest Dental Crowns in such situations.

Dental Crown is also called as a cap. It is basically an artificial cover which restores a damaged tooth or a decayed tooth to its normal shape and size. It is useful for protecting the structure of the tooth that is cracked or broken. Dental crowns can be used for various reasons such as changing the shape of a tooth or replacing the existing broken or poor tooth. Dental Crowns may be made up of gold, some other metals, or porcelain.

The cosmetic dentist examines the damaged tooth very closely before starting the treatment. Then, the dentist reduces and reshapes the tooth to make some place to fit the crown. After this, the dentist measures the examined tooth and the surrounding teeth. The dentist places a temporary cover over the subject tooth to protect it, until the new crown is fixed. The measurements taken by the dentist are sent to a dental laboratory, where the crown is processed.

The client is requested to take care of the temporary crown till then, especially while brushing the teeth and while eating. Once the ordered crown is ready in the dental laboratory, the temporary crown is then replaced with the permanent one. The dentist adjusts the crown carefully while fixing it and makes sure that the client feels comfortable. Finally, the crown is cemented or bonded to the prepared tooth.

How is Crown Placed?

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